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Through the last several years coffee scrub has become one of the most desired products among women all around the world. What made them so popular is the high content of caffeine, which has become a sought-after ingredient in cosmetics due to recent studies proving it’s versatile properties.

The primary function of this type of cosmetics is the gentle skin cleansing and extension of its pores, thus allowing other nutritional substances to penetrate into deeper layers of the epidermis. They can be used alone or as a very first step in a multi-stage care.

BareCarefor your company

We offer you the BareCare Coffee Scrub, which does not only combine all of the mentioned above advantages of coffee scrubs in overall but, most importantly, it is ready to use, tested down to the finest detail and created with the utmost care of fresh, highest quality raw materials. It makes it a premium product, yet affordable - adapted to the mass market needs.

What makes it even
more unique?

Of course, our Private Label offer, which allows every entrepreneur to sell BareCare scrubs under their own brand, with their own design, in chosen by them quantities and packages.

Your profits:

  • success in sale of coffee scrubs
  • product tailor-made to your expectations
  • professional help
  • our strong experience
  • a line of scrubs under your own brand name
  • your own design
  • affordable price
  • high quality

Five steps to your own,
special coffee scrub:

Choose the grammage.

Choose the type of package.

Design your own etiquettes.

Choose an amount of your order. (MOQ = 200 kg)

Let us create the product
tailor-made for you!